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Two Medieval Queen Gowns....



Black and Silver Queen

In 2009, I was invited to speak at Costume College in Los Angeles. The event has a Gala on one of the nights where attendees dress in their most spectacular creations. I was then known for my Tudor/Elizabethan I decided to branch out and make a "Gothic Fitted Gown" as my Gala gown.


Red Velvet Queen

In 2011, I went out to Costume College again, but this time as a private attendee. I decided to reprise my Medieval Gothic Gown, but this time used a gorgeous red figured velvet...



Medieval Kirtle

A beautiful gown requires a firm foundation. Medieval dresses did not have "corsets" or boned bodices - the support was in the fit. The kirtle became my foundation layer and also the practice run as it were for the top layer...

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